LEGO children and animals drown in oil as a downbeat cover of the song "Everything is Awesome" plays in the latest Greenpeace protest aimed at the partnership between the toy creators and Shell Oil Company.

LEGO and Shell Oil have been collaborating on promotions as far as 1966, with the former creating service station sets and special edition cars featuring the latter's logo. As part of its continuing protest against Arctic drilling, Greenpeace wants to see the partnership terminated.

The environmental organization has created a microsite for the movement, staged live protests, and now they've created this incredibly depressing two-minute protest video.

Responding to Greenpeace's actions earlier this month via Twitter, the LEGO Group had this to say:

We're determined to leave a positive impact on our society & children. We're saddened when the LEGO brand is used as a tool in any dispute between organizations. However, we fully expect Shell to live up to their responsibility & take appropriate action to any potential claims


Is it time for the nearly 50 years of collaboration between LEGO and Shell to end?