Greenberg Explains Why He Went Berserk

Remember when Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg went berserk and bit Sony in the face? Sure you do! On Larry Hryb's podcast, Greenberg expressed what was going through his head:

I was basically expressing my frustration at a lot of specific things that they had promised over time... I think Sony has had a history of over-promising and under-delivering. [I was] just using actual facts of all the things that they had promised. I think I talked to some folks about this afterwards, but I think as an industry, we owe it to our customers to be straight with them. I think that some of the stuff we've talked about, while the reaction may not always be positive, we're going to tell you... People just want you to be straight with them. We know titles slip, we know things happen, and there's little we can do to control that, but if we promise something — I think as an industry — we need to start living up to our promises. As an organisation, i think Xbox has a pretty good track record of doing that.


You sure, Aaron?
Podcast [Larry Hryb via videogaming247] [Pic]

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Burt Macklin

Does this story sound familiar (please take not that the conversation is slightly different)

People: Hey Microsoft, What's with the Red Ring of Death?

Microsoft: I am Sorry, I will fix your XBOX for you.

A Couple of months later.

Microsoft: We have fixed the RROD Problem, and people shouldnt experienced them anymore.


I have returned my XBOX 360 three times already, I was forced to buy, the new XBOX 360 with the new Chip and HDMI and even that one got the RROD in less than 24 hours(I returned that one to EB Games though for a new XBOX 360, and my old one was sold to some guy who was gonna modify it anyway.

Fact is, Microsoft also has a lot of promises and underdelivering them too. Another Fact is that Microsoft is that the XBOX 360 too date has a 33% Failure rate in comparison to Wii and PS3's 0.1%.

Bottom Line: Microsoft is the same as the PS3 when it comes to keeping promises..