Well, here we go again. Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, talking to slightly-interest party Major Nelson, says he's never seen such a "tremendous shift" in developer loyalty, and he means from Sony and to Microsoft. Guess we couldn't expect him to keep from smack talking after the Tekken 6 news earlier this week. "We've come a long way... Square Enix's biggest RPG franchises, Namco Bandai bringing their top titles including Tekken 6. A lot of great arcade titles that the Japanese publishers continue to really recreate for this whole new generation, and we're finally at a price the world can afford."Greenberg also threw in: "We're the platform they're looking to to help bring and grow their franchises around the world." Of course he's couching this in terms of global reach, not the Japan market, because there ain't no such thing as a Japan release of Final Fantasy XIII for the 360. And I think if Microsoft really wanted to put a finger in Sony's face over this, maybe they could make the comment somewhere other than a podcast they run. Of further note, in the same podcast, Major Nelson and Greenberg try to put to bed Blu-Ray 360 rumors yet again. TGS 2008 [Major Nelson, via GamesIndustry.biz]