Green Blocks, an Open World and a Sword In Your Hand

Despite its appearance, this is not 3D Dot Game Heroes for the PC. But it's something similar.


This upcoming indie PC title is called Cube World, and is described as a "3D Voxel-Based game with a focus on exploration an RPG elements". The entire world is procedurally-generated each time, and that goes for both the landscape and the buildings.

The clip above shows the game's multiplayer mode, which is still in its very early stages.

Yet another PC game inspired by Minecraft and its green, blocky terrain, then, but let's be kind on this one. Nobody ever says that about 3D Dot Game Heroes, and that seems to be the chief inspiration here.

Cube World [Official Site, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]



Well shall see what the future holds for Cube World...

...but to be honest, I was much more floored by the video suggestion that followed it. Maybe it's old news to other folks, but I've never seen anything structured in a game world like this before. The speaker in the video promotes some interesting gameplay concepts with the use of this engine, and really makes me excited for the future of games which showcase interactive environments.

Link below, as Gawker don' like sharing sometimes