Not cafe, but cafes. Plural!

Today is October 21, 2015. You know, BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY. And to mark the franchise’s thirtieth anniversary, five (count ‘em, five!) Back to the Future pop-up cafes have opened in Japan.


They’re only for a limited time, but have BTTF themed food, drinks, and deserts. If the posters and memorabilia don’t do it, the movie’s soundtrack is constantly playing to ensure diners get in the mood.

The guy in the top image carrying the Hoverboard is TV personality and film critic Kon Arimura. He loves Back to the Future! (Check out his Twitter page and see what I mean.)

According to Cinema Today and Ameba, the cafe locations are Trattoria Paradiso in Tokyo as well as Sweets Paradise restaurants in Chiba, Osaka, Hyogo, and Okayama.

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This is a DeLorean-shaped cake.

[Photo: Cinema Today]

With a sparkler.

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[Photo: DJ_YSK]

Twitter user Yuusuke picked out a highly appropriate outfit for his visit.

Top photo: arimura_kon

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