Let us imagine, for a moment, that some of history’s greatest scientists did not devote their lives to the betterment of humanity, but to the betterment of their own ass-kicking abilities.


That’s part of the premise behind this series of gifs that artist Diego Sanches made for Brazil’s Superinteressante magazine, imagining the playable roster (Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla, Pythagoras and Isaac Newtown) as fighting game characters whose special abilities are based on their scientific discoveries.

And at the end of the game? A showdown against “Divinity”, the final boss.

I will sign and and all petitions to turn this into an actual game.

Here’s a selection of the characters and their moves:

Stephen Hawking - Black Hole
Stephen Hawking - Wormhole
Albert Einstein - Relativity
Albert Einstein - E=mc2
Charles Darwin - Theory of Evolution
Charles Darwin - Natural Selection
Marie Curie - Polonium
Pythagoras - Pythagorean Theorem
Nikola Tesla - Teleforce Death Ray
Isaac Newton - Gravity
Isaac Newton - Optics

You can see the rest of them on Diego’s site.

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