Great Moments in Video Game Humor: Who's John Muir?

Who's John Muir? Do you really want to know? I could tell you, or a bunch of stuffed and mounted animal heads from the title that proved a video game based on a comic book could surpass its source material can. Hit it, Sam and Max!

Steve Purcell's Sam and Max: Freelance Police was a revelation to the young comic book-reading Michael Fahey. Adrift in a sea of semi-serious superheroes, Purcell's dog and bunny-thing show invaded my spandex-clad dreams, replacing the battle between good and evil with the battle to not laugh-out-loud in the middle of math class and get my comics confiscated—a battle I lost, by the way.


I wasn't expecting much from LucasArts' 1993 adventure game Sam and Max Hit the Road. I knew Purcell was involved, but I figured there'd be no way the same level of humor would make it from page to PC monitor.

I was right. It was better. Just ask John Muir.

The subtitles are for extra edutainment.

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