Great Gaming Gifts for $60 and Under

At the very least, you've decided to shell out enough to get a brand-new game for the gamers you're bestowing gifts upon. Good for you. And them. There are options to be had and some of them aren't even games. But, don't worry, there are games, too.

One of The Best Games on Every System


Sixty bucks continues to be the generally agreed-upon price for new console video games. What should you send that much money on? Let Kotaku's constantly updating lists of standout games for every platform serve as your guide.

Western Digital My Passport Ultra portable hard drive

In these days of giant-sized downloadable, betas, patches and games, you're always going to need more storage. And if that extra space comes in a small sleek package like this, all the better.

A Year of Xbox Live Gold or PSN

Maybe you've got loved ones who are upgrading their older PlayStations or Xboxes to the newer ones. Giving a 12-month subscription to Sony and Microsoft's online multiplayer services makes a nice complementary gift. And, remember that each service also offers free games, so it's like you're giving them those, too.


Razer DeathAdder Left-Hand Edition


Southpaws live in a world that's not made for them. Help make the desktops of your favorite left-handed PC gamers one place where they can click the way their thumbs actually want with a mouse built for lefties.

A few Disney Infinity, Skylanders or Amiibo figures

If you've got gamers who love Disney Infinity, Skylanders or the trio of Amiibo-compatible Nintendo titles, chances are they'll appreciate more figures to beef up their rosters with. You can pick up a few figures for the price of one new game so it looks you're actually giving them more stuff.


South Park: The Stick of Truth


The latest and most ambitious game to spin out the long-running Comedy Central series was a long time coming, but was plagued by funkiness when it came out earlier this year. But it seems to have gathered a growing cult following as time has gone on. Stick of Truth is the kind of game that wary gamers may not have picked up when it first became available, making it perfect for you to give to them for the holidays.

Got mid-range, game-centric gift ideas that you'd like to give or receive? Mention them in the comments below.

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