Grant Crime Auto: Ice City Now Available on the Amazon App Store. Wait, What?

I refuse to believe for a single second that any of the reviews under Amazon's Grant Crime Auto: Ice City listing actually paid $3.99 for such an obvious fake. I cannot afford to have my faith in human intelligence damaged any further.

Pointed out by Kotaku reader rh_underhill, Grant Crime Auto: Ice City's description on Amazon reads like the description of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City with some pertinent bits changed. That's because it's the iOS description for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City with some pertinent bits changed. For instance, "Welcome back to the 1980s" now reads "Welcome back to the 2000s." Feels like we never left, doesn't it?


The screenshots are from Gameloft's Gangstar: Miami Vindication, which certainly has a bit of a Vice City vibe to it.

I've pinged Gameloft to see how that makes them feel. They are aware of the issue and are taking steps to have the listing taken down.

In the meantime, heed the warning of the unfortunate folks that purchased this expecting a GTA clone but discovering themselves with 16.7 megs of sub-par grand prix game instead: "this is a game that it is already been made. this is a f***in scamper. the real game is gangster Miami vendication. so if I was amazon I would delete this game because it is a piece of bull s***. don't buy this game."

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