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At the age of 88, this grandfather got his hands on a Cattleya statue from Queen's Blade. But grandma wouldn't let grandpa see Cattleya topless—not at his age!

Figure collector HSkeleton had been gushing to her grandpa for months about this enormous Cattleya from Queen's Blade statue, and her grandfather was keen to check out the Japanese statue when it finally arrived in the mail.


Queen's Blade was originally a Lost Worlds style "combat picture book game". It's since been spun off into video games and anime.

"He said it was amazing, but I'm not sure if he was referring to Cattleya or the statue itself," HSkeleton wrote. "He kept asking to hold her but I just couldn't risk it." She noted that it was amazing the statue wasn't damaged in transit. Japan is a long ways away!

This Thursday, HSkeleton's grandfather turns 89. He's been through a war, a stroke, cancer, and open-heart surgery. Seeing open-minded seniors who don't judge their grandchildren's otaku (geek) hobbies is always a treat.

Kotaku wishes this grandfather a Happy Birthday, and hopefully, his granddaughter will let him pick up the statue at least once.


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