Grandmothers Don't Just Steal Crab Meat, They Steal Wii Games Too

Illustration for article titled Grandmothers Dont Just Steal Crab Meat, They Steal Wii Games Too

A 60 year-old woman has been arrested and charged with stealing some Wii games while on a shopping trip with her grandchildren. Great example you're setting there, Gran!

Jennie T. Gatses, from Homer Glen, Illinois, was caught by security guards at the local Dominick's stuffing four cans of crab meat and four Wii games in her purse.

While Gatses claimed "she was going to pay for the items once her grandchildren were in the car", a quick record search showed that she's been busted for retail theft a number of times previously. So she was promptly busted again.


What a strange combination. Was she trying to bake a stew?

Arrest for retail theft, not grandma larceny? [Herald-News]

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I've seen an old couple steal an entire Guitar Hero band kit. Old people can be just as seedy as anybody else :P