Grand Theft Auto V's First Trailer Gets Redone With Lego And It's Still Cool

I can't wait for Grand Theft Auto V to release. To the point that even a LEGO rendition of that first trailer sparks my excitement.

Now someone do one of the second trailer. No wait, Rockstar: just make another trailer. A new screenshot? A tiny announcement? Hello? Rockstar?


Click here to visit our Grand Theft Auto V timeline!

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Total amount of songs removed from Vice City (Sony Music went in hard and without lube!):

Michael Jackson "Billie Jean"

Michael Jackson "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin"

Ozzy Osbourne "Bark At The Moon"

Kate Bush "Wow"

Herbie Hancock "Rock It"

Afrika Bambaataa "Looking For The Perfect Beat"

And a couple of songs from Radio Espantoso