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Grand Theft Auto V is not $20 on Steam right now. Despite multiple misleading listings on GTA’s Steam franchise page (they’re for cash card bundles), it’s still at regular price. Suddenly last week’s GTA price shenanigans look less benign. [Update: The issue has been resolved. Valve says it was a “technical error.”]

GTA V’s price also shows up as $20 if you search it on Steam right now. It appears that this is because the cash card bundle has been shifted to the top of GTA V’s Steam page (as opposed to the game and a bundle containing cash cards plus the game), which presents its price as the de facto one. Obviously I can’t say for sure what Rockstar’s intentions are here—this could be another honest mistake—but this sure looks scummy. It’s apparently been showing up this way all morning, too.


Thanks for the tip, Sean Cox.

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I don’t use Steam, but given the “Add to Cart” option, I’m assuming the person buying this would see the actual price before purchasing, right? Or is it like Amazon’s 1-Click buy option, hence the misleading Steam prices?