Grand Theft Auto V Delorean Travels Back In Time

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This isn’t just any Delorean. It’s the Delorean from Back to the Future—time travel functionality included.

The Back to the Future time circuits mod adds a script to Grand Theft Auto V that lets you prime a Delorean (a separate mod, which you can grab here) for actual, factual, fictional time travel. Check it out in this video by taltigolt:

Now, you can’t go back to a time when Los Santos was full of cowboys (unless you want to walk over to your console, put Red Dead Redemption in the disc drive, and pretend), but this is still a pretty sweet novelty. Input a date and time, and you will actually go forward or back to it, even if that only means people are in different places and the sky/time of day/weather changes.


I wonder how well it works for getting away from the police.

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