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Grand Theft Auto IV PC Gets All Patched Up

Illustration for article titled Grand Theft Auto IV PC Gets All Patched Up

Rockstar Games has given owners of the Windows version of Grand Theft Auto IV a new title update, issuing a suite of bug fixes, tweaks, new options and new controller support.


Probably most welcome to those of us sporting a PC that is brought to its knees by GTA IV are new graphics sliders, giving players the option of reducing the quality of the game's visual effects. Those "rendering optimizations" will likely help too.

The latest update look to fix some of Grand Theft Auto IV's bugginess and crashes, meaning less time spent staring surprised at your desktop.


There are lots of boring fixes as well, all of which can be perused at the official site.

Grand Theft Auto IV Title Update [Rockstar]

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The upgraded graphics make me wish I had $3000 to blow to build a high-end gaming rig...