Grand Theft Auto IV Looks Great As A First-Person Shooter

Here's what Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV would have looked like were it a first-person shooter, and not a third-person...whatever you like to call these games.

Before you say it, I agree, it's not entirely practical for the purposes of playing the game. Combat, always the trickiest part of a GTA game, is made even trickier when you can't see your surroundings.

But as an exercise in immersing yourself in everything Liberty City has to offer, it's brilliant. When whizzing by in a car or running around in third-person, you may not appreciate how detailed the city is, but drop down to a first-person perspective and you realise how much work went into building the game's world.


This is a mod for the PC version of the game; you can find instructions at the YouTube page of the clip above.

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Luke, you Redditor, you.

Anyway, it's true that this isn't exactly practical to play GTA IV, but the video definitely left me in awe. It seemed so much grander in scale in the first person view and to hear people chatter away, cellphones beeping, and see your hands as you open a door; it just kind of blew my mind for some reason. It felt like I was there and that was what took me aback.