The whole point of Gran Turismo 5's Red Bull Racing X1 Prototype was that it was a car that was so fast it couldn't actually exist. So what do we do with it now that one actually exists?

We relax, that's what, as this version of the prototype car won't be setting any land speed records. Instead, it's one hell of a model (as in, it doesn't actually drive), built especially for Gran Turismo 5's big launch party in Madrid.

Just a tease, then, but what a tease: this would be one hell of a car in real life, and seeing one in the "flesh", so to speak, not only has me thinking of how fast it'll be in the game, but also how much it looks like one of Blade Runner's famous "Spinners".

Red Bull X1 Prototype Gets Real, Set to Debut in Madrid [Evo Magazine, via GTPlanet]