Is this Gran Turismo 5, or a collision between car-shaped Thanksgiving Day Parade floats?

It's the former, of course. Makes you wonder what the priority board looks like at Polyphony Digital, where George Clooney can make it in just fine but car crashes - a somewhat essential part of car racing - end up looking like this.

Or this!

GT5's crash-related woes are not just related to the flipping, either. The AI leading up to crashes can at times be a little wonky, too.

Now, this isn't to say that Gran Turismo 5 is somehow fundamentally broken. Or that it's a bad game. Or that Forza 3 is a better game. These are just two of the best videos out there showing the key difference between the two series everybody else seems hell-bent on directly comparing.


And that difference is, Gran Turismo 5 is all about the driving, while Forza is all about the racing.

UPDATE - By popular request, here is a flying truck from Forza 3. Look at it go!