Gran Turismo 5 Wishes You A Merry Christmas

Here we were, only earlier today saying not enough video games get into the Christmas spirit, and what does driving sim Gran Turismo 5 go and do? Get into said Christmas spirit.


If you've got the game, go boot it up and listen to the music when the main menu first kicks in. Playing in this clip is Silent Night, but earlier today I also heard Jingle Bells and We Wish You A Merry Christmas.


Creepiest part? I couldn't get it on camera, but when Jingle Bells started up, it started up while zombie Jeff Gordon was walking onto the screen, his zombie mouth flapping open and shut like some sick, undead NASCAR karaoke.

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Dear Polyphony: Stop animating humans in your games, period. Humans don't exist in your games apparently. Only zombies. Or ghouls. Or horcruxes.