Gran Turismo 5: Q4 2009?

So says this pamphlet for the game, which was passed around last week at Gamescom. You don't need to be a German (or Austrian!) to make out what "4. Quartal 2009" means.

Before you ask, yes, it means Q4 2009. And before you ask, yes, it's a real Sony pamphlet, not a work of Photoshop fantasy. Now, whether the game is actually released later this year is another matter - it is Gran Turismo 5 we're talking about, after all - but with the PS3 Slim soon to be with us and a "mainstream" gaming market to win back, there's no better way to combine the two than with a new Gran Turismo game on shelves.


Or maybe even a Gran Turismo/PS3 Slim bundle!

Gran Turismo 5's Q4 2009 Release Date Confirmed [gtplanet]

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