Gran Turismo 5 Next Big Update Adds More NASCAR, More Interiors and Cuts Load Times

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PlayStation 3 racing sim Gran Turismo 5 continues to evolve with the promised "Spec 2" update, Sony and developer Polyphony Digital announced today, giving virtual drivers more to see and do as the game approaches its first birthday.


Gran Turismo 5's "Spec 2" update adds interiors for all cars in the game, albeit of varying quality. The update also includes the 2011 season versions of the 11 NASCAR race cars, "greatly reduced load times when loading races," and the ability to save mid-race during some of GT5's lengthier races.

There's more, including an expanded Photo Mode, and a new budget friendly priced for Gran Turimso 5 (now $39.99 USD), all of which is laid out in greater detail at the official PlayStation blog.

Gran Turismo 5: New Free Updates, DLC, and Price Drop []

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Generic car interiors for the standard models???


I haven't touched my GT5 since a few months ago, but I think this thing could be incentive enough for me to play it again. I expect a massive amount of patches waiting for me to download, and... damn... my 80 GB PS3's hard drive is almost full now. And there's very, very little room to erase things now. ;__;

Shit. I guess I'm going to have to install a bigger HDD.

Now, a little question: a few months ago, it was downright frustrating trying to find cars that were qualifying for any given events, because unless you know all the ins and outs of the automotive scene (which I don't), you had to check the event's requirements, then get out, then go to the dealers (new or used, whatever), browse between the cars, and if you found one and weren't quite sure if said car could be usable on the event, you had to get out of the dealers, go back to events, and check the list again just to make sure. After that, going back to the dealers once again to buy it... needless to say, that meant A LOT OF TIME wasted just going through menus, so I ended up wasting more time giving maintenance to my cars and going through menus than actually playing. That was the main reason why I got tired and stopped playing GT5, in addition to the inconsistency of only the premium cars having cockpit view, while the standard cars didn't (which, fortunately, is getting fixed soon!)

Now, that was months ago, as I said before, so I don't know where GT5 stands now regarding that. Has the game been updated to address that issue, and let you sort the dealers so you can see only the cars you need for any given event, or something? Because I feel GT5 seriously, seriously need to address that, if they didn't it already.

Can anyone that knows answer me this, please?