Gran Turismo 5 Demo, December 17

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Sony announced today that, come December 17, we'll be able to play a Gran Turismo 5 demo. Probably.


See, there's a little confusion as to whether this is a GT5 demo or just some new, GT5-flavoured content sprinkled atop the existing GT5 Prologue. The download is called the "Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Challenge" in the US, and in Europe, "GT Academy 2010". Not, as you'd think it'd be called, the "Gran Turismo 5 Demo".

Indeed, the European release doesn't mention the download having anything to do with Gran Turismo 5 whatsoever, while the US info only says the download is "powered by Gran Turismo 5's brand-new physics engine".


Only in the European comments section do things get a little more specific, where it's said "this is a downloadable time trial featuring new content from GT5 not GT5 Prologue" and "this time trial is a section of a track from the forthcoming GT5 game".'s mostly GT5? Partially GT5? All GT5, with a really poor marketing message attached? Thanks, GT5 Prologue, for making this so confusing.

Guess we'll find out on December 17.

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Mike Newlad

It's a bad idea on Sony's part to let anything about GT out before the release of the game.

GT sells based on it's reputation and the long development time has set expectations way too high for it to be as big of a critical success as it probably should be. Kind of like if you were told you would get to meet God but St Peter turned up instead. Sure it would be life changing but you would always have that little bit of disappointment in your mouth.

If Forza has even one improvement on this demo (something lame like the break light has more bloom) then we will see comparison video's leading up the launch.