Gran Turismo 5 Demo, December 17

Sony announced today that, come December 17, we'll be able to play a Gran Turismo 5 demo. Probably.

See, there's a little confusion as to whether this is a GT5 demo or just some new, GT5-flavoured content sprinkled atop the existing GT5 Prologue. The download is called the "Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Challenge" in the US, and in Europe, "GT Academy 2010". Not, as you'd think it'd be called, the "Gran Turismo 5 Demo".


Indeed, the European release doesn't mention the download having anything to do with Gran Turismo 5 whatsoever, while the US info only says the download is "powered by Gran Turismo 5's brand-new physics engine".

Only in the European comments section do things get a little more specific, where it's said "this is a downloadable time trial featuring new content from GT5 not GT5 Prologue" and "this time trial is a section of a track from the forthcoming GT5 game".'s mostly GT5? Partially GT5? All GT5, with a really poor marketing message attached? Thanks, GT5 Prologue, for making this so confusing.

Guess we'll find out on December 17.

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