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Project Gotham added them. Burnout did too. Could Gran Turismo 5 be the latest car racing game to introduce motorbikes?


"The environment we have right now allows us to drive motorcycles, but we need to get Gran Turismo 5 done first," series creator Kazunori Yamauchi told PSM3. "Once that's out of the way, if there's a strong demand for bikes, that's something we'd consider."

It'd be a natural fit. Aside from the Gran Turismo series, the only other game Polyphony Digital have released in the past decade was Tourist Trophy, an ultra-realistic motorbike racing simulator. So the experience and the passion is certainly there.


Then again, Yamauchi said almost exactly the same thing a year ago, meaning this is as likely a pre-programmed marketing response as it is a genuine possibility.

Gran Turismo 5 DLC to offer motorbikes? [CVG]

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