Gran Turismo 5 Being Held Up For "Marketing Reasons"

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Gran Turismo 5, the first game in the series proper since 2004's GT4, will be released in Japan in March 2010. Everywhere else, though is up in the air. Why so? Blame marketing.


That's according to series creator and Polyphony Digital head man Kazunori Yamauchi who, speaking with Autoweek, said "We will release [GT5] in March in Japan but for other regions, it has not been decided yet". Asked by the motoring mag what was holding up the Western release of the game, Yamauchi responded "That's more depending on SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) marketing decisions".

SEMA show: More news on the much-anticipated Gran Turismo 5 video game [Autoweek, via CVG]



I knew this was the case. I'm disappointed by this but at the same time, I'm taking a bit of pleasure in this news because just about a week ago, someone called me out when I said the global release would not be March/April. HA! Who's wrong now!!!

But I digress, my bets are that they're working on pushing a huge marketing campaign over in NA and a smaller one here in Europe since it's always sold so well over here and getting preorder numbers up before launching during the summer. #granturismo5