Ruffian Games and Microsoft detail the Toy Box add-on for Crackdown 2 today which adds the eagerly anticipated Keys to the City cheat mode for free, as well as a handful of new content for those willing to pay the price.

The Toy Box updated for Crackdown 2 is an update in two parts, one free, one paid.


The free update consists primarily of the Keys to the City cheat mode, which gives players access to God Mode, Infinite Ammo, Fly Cam, weapon and gadget spawning, and skill maxing, making the city the ultimate playground for players who've already explored everything the retail release had to offer.

Along with Keys to the City, players downloading the free update will also score a Thruster ability for upgrading all of their agent stats to level six, and a new multiplayer mode called Vehicle Tag, where up to eight agents can compete in six arenas scattered across the city.

The other half of the update will run players 560 Microsoft points, or $7.00. It includes two new vehicles, a mini-tank and a four-person Squad Chopper; five new toys, including the gravity warping Mass Driver and Portable Launch Pads; two avatar awards,; and eight agent suit colors to reflect the status of the Agency at the end of the game. All of that, plus 10 new achievements totaling 250 Gamerscore points.


Players who haven't purchased the paid DLC will only be able to access the new equipment and vehicles while participating in the game of a player who has.

The only news the official press release doesn't give is a release date.

So who is buying? I'd say the free Keys to the City is more than enough to keep me occupied.

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