Got your eye on that sexy limited edition 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4? Sony is now accepting preorders for the retro-deco'd system. $499.99 gets you the system, a controller and a camera you can sell on eBay or something. Only 12,300 units are being made, so make up your mind quickly.


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Good luck getting the order finalized. I clicked on the link when it was active after 16 seconds on Twitter, and each time I check out, it never gets past the checkout process. Been stuck at the review page for more than an hour.

EDIT: Looks like my order FINALLY got through. Just got a confirmation E-mail from Sony and PayPal that my order was successful. Hopefully this will not be canceled, but if it is, I will not cry too hard. I like the idea of this special edition, but not necessarily the money I just spent on it.