Got Vista Premium? You Can Stream Netflix To Your 360

Yeah, that question will rule a lot of you out, but for those it doesn't this should be something of a rare delight. If you've got a copy of Vista Premium, and install the vmcNetflix plug-in, you'll be able to rent streaming movies from Netflix (currently only available to Windows PCs) and - with a little jiggering - beam them over to your 360. It's apparently a little buggy, but hey, in the absence of an official deal, it's as good as you're going to get it for the moment.

vmcNetFlix [vmcNetFlix, via Gizmodo]

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My God, bluray, BR discs provide a superior cinematic experience than a beta plug-in for streaming movies? We had no idea! How very astute of you to point that out. I just don't understand why, as long as you're providing us all with such a useful education, you didn't go further. I'm sure many of us need to be told that, say, driving cars can often get you places faster than walking can.

I'm glad to hear you prefer discs, xkotaku. Be comforted by the fact that everybody here almost certainly feels the same as you. You are, however, kinda missing the point. If you have a DVD, it will beat a streaming movie hands-down. If. Say, for example, you wish to marathon-watch the first season of Dexter with a friend right now, but you don't want to wait to download the files off a torrent, and you can't get all the necessary discs right away from Netflix. Two days aren't much, but that doesn't help you for tonight, know what I mean?

This is not an arena to argue your respective preferences, you fools; this not some incendiary post. The only thing this article is noting is that a service like this, gimpy as she is, is really kinda handy. Maybe it's not really all that nice, and maybe it's got a few too many requirements for the common user to be anything but a nifty little utility, it's still pretty cool to have a full-fledged streaming movie service that doesn't force us to actively (other than the hardware) suckle at the MS teat. Whoopee-Doo and stuff.

Think before you type, willya? You're not this stupid.