Got Twenty Minutes? Here, Kick Some Zombie Ass on YouTube

Hellraid, the game which attempts to mix the combat of Dead Island with the setting of Dark Messiah (or Heretic, or Hexen), has a prequel that you can play right now. The catch? It's an interactive movie. Don't worry though, it's lotsa fun.

Techland released the choose-your-own-adventure series on YouTube as a lead-up to the game's events. In it, you help Brother Edyn, a monk, escape from a zombie-filled monastery. Easy, right? Well, apart from zombies, there's also traps, convenient ambush spots, and collectable items (like health potions) to consider.


Definitely check it out if you've got the time—the video that serves as the starting point is embedded above. Oh, and if you do, don't forget to turn annotations on. Also keep in mind that there's a reward at the end if you manage to get good ol' Edyn to safety.

Edyn's Esape - Interactive Movie Prequel to Hellraid [YouTube]

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