Got a Tegra 3 Device? Join Shadowgun: Deadzone's Public Beta

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The online multiplayer follow-up to one of the best damn shooters on any mobile platform is coming soon to Android and iOS, but folks with Tegra 3-powered devices can play the public beta version of Shadowgun: Deadzone right now.


Madfinger needs help optimizing the network codes so that when Deadzone goes live it's actually playable, so the developer is tapping Tegra 3 owners to wade into the multiplayer mayhem for fine tuning's sake.


I bopped in there myself a few minutes ago, shot a few people, got shot myself, and look forward to going back in with a game pad—my fat fingers got me killed too many times. It's looking gorgeous and running fine, as far as I could tell.

If you've got a Tegra 3 device and a little free time, hit up the link below to make Madfinger's next even better than the last.

Shadowgun: Deadzone Beta [Google Play]

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Fezz Traceur

I haven't played the original Shadowgun yet but I look forward to doing so. Can anyone tell me how well it runs on an iPhone 4s?