Gorillaz Trample Rock Band Next Week

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A heavy dose of classic rock in next week's Rock Band Music Store update gets completely overrun by the Rock Band debut of Gorillaz. Feel good? I'm feeling glad.


Up until now, the Gorillaz presence in music games has been limited to karaoke games and an appearance in the promising yet ultimately disappointing Battle of the Bands for the Nintendo Wii. Next week Harmonix fixes this, adding three of the virtual band's most beloved tracks to the Rock Band Music Store. "Feel Good Inc." and "Clint Eastwood" should please the hell out of just about everybody, with "Re-Hash" rounding out Gorillaz Pack 01.

The Gorillaz sound is tempered by a selection of four songs from classic rock greats. Janis Joplin's "Piece of my Heart" and Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" give the girls and guys who like singing girl parts something to...sing about, while live versions of The Band's "Chest Fever" and The Who's "Magic Bus" will please fans of people cheering.

Other notable additions next week include two Iron Maiden additions to Rock Band Unplugged for the PSP - "The Number of the Beast" and "The Trooper", both songs perfect for causing a ruckus quietly by yourself on the Sony handheld.

Oh, and the Wii does a great deal of catching up as well. See for yourself:

Additional tracks available for Wii (Aug. 11):

Blink-182 "Dammit"
Blink-182 "Down"
Blink-182 "Feeling This"
Blink-182 "The Rock Show"
Damone "Out Here All Night"
Fratellis "Creeping Up the Backstairs"
Fratellis "Flathead"
Fratellis "Henrietta"
KISS "100,000 Years (LIVE)"
KISS "Deuce (LIVE)"
KISS "Parasite (LIVE)"
Lenny Kravitz "Are You Gonna Go My Way"
Lenny Kravitz "Freedom Train"
Lenny Kravitz "Let Love Rule"
Lenny Kravitz "Mr Cab Driver"
Pat Benatar "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"
Steve Miller Band "Space Cowboy"
Steve Miller Band "Take The Money & Run"
Steve Miller Band "The Joker"
Thin Lizzy "The Boys Are Back in Town (LIVE)"
Thin Lizzy "Cowboy Song (LIVE)"
Thin Lizzy "Jailbreak (LIVE)"
Weezer "My Name is Jonas"
Weezer "Pork & Beans"
Weezer "Undone – The Sweater Song"



White Rabbit is a fantastic song and Magic Bus is pretty awesome too.

I even still have this video, with an edited version, saved on my 360 because it's so good