Gordon Ramsay Hates People Who Cook Their Gundams

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Today we find out that Gordon Ramsay hates deep fried Gundams, learn what dreams you have when you are asleep for three weeks and share some stories about when our heads explode. It’s Morning Checkpoint!


Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

Like most weeks, Kotaku was filled with some great stories. Here are a few of my favorites!

Wonderful story from Riley about something I didn’t even think about: How do pros practice in a game without any custom modes or custom servers?

A haunting and amazing story about how crazy and scary dreams can become. Mike wrote this amazing post and more folks should read it.


It took a player 10 years to visit every star system in EVE Online. That’s dedication. I rarely get 100% completion in most games I play these days, and this player spent a decade exploring a vast digital galaxy.


I will always get excited for more games from Remedy. They make cool stuff that usually feels unlike anything else. Also, I would like more Alan Wake, please. Who do I call for more Alan Wake? Can I get a number, please?




Calm down, Chef. Adults can eat mechs too.


LEAK!! We’ve seen the first enemies from the new From Software game and boy, they are spooky!


I’m shocked that Crash is supposed to be 5 feet 0 inches tall. That seems uncomfortably tall. Like, I don’t want to be in a room with him.


Some Good Comments

Brains are weird. I had a few years where every few nights, I’d wake up with this idea that it was VERY IMPORTANT I remember the rules to this board game because we never used the right rules, and I had to tell my husband. By the time I was fully awake, I knew there was something important but could never remember what. And then one day, I remembered. And the game doesn’t exist, I can’t really remember what the rules were, and it was just a weird hangup of my mind that my conscious, logical brain understands as nothing important but my subconscious really cared about.

I also have exploding head syndrome. About 6 times in my life, I’ve been woken up from a dead sleep by an earth-shattering noise that doesn’t exist. It’s so loud it feels concussive, like a semi truck crashing through your bedroom wall or a gunshot right by your head, just out of sight. Waking up with sleep paralysis and mid-panic attack at the sound isn’t fun at all and it usually takes a few hours to go back to sleep. Brains are weird. -silentstone7 from “The Dreams Of A Man Asleep For Three Weeks”


This entire comment thread is worth digging into if you want to see just how weird the brain is. I personally have experienced what I believe to be exploding head syndrome at least once in my life. I was up late as a kid and suddenly I felt like my head was filled with a loud hiss that became louder and eventually it felt like my whole world was shaking before I woke up.

Heather, “Does Dante fuck?” IS NOT a throwaway question. That’s serious lore question. But, considering your time with Itsuno-san was limited, I’m thankful you prioritized talking about mechanics. -NateDizzy from “Devil May Cry 5's Director Tells Us How They Made Combat Feel So Good”


I agree with NateDizzy here. Does a character fuck is important in most cases. It tells us a lot about the character, their motivations, and other vital information.

Yeaaaaaah, it’s definitely a marketing prerogative to not be associated with Notch’s rhetoric. or risk alienating people who aren’t big fans of dickery.

It’s pretty sad, though. He was made one of the richest people in the world overnight, and all he can do with that wealth is shack up in his mansion and tweet miserable things about shit that, for all intents and purposes, is not his problem, because he’s way too fucking rich to ever be held back by anything. And yet he persists. If I was an overnight billionaire, I’d be too busy taking my friends and family on exotic trips around the world, to get ornery over a trans person asking me to refer to her as ‘she.’ Though maybe I’d feel incline to use my newfound wealth to, like, help people, rather than shit all over them on the internet. -Ovy from Minecraft Update Removes Mention Of Notch, Game’s Creator” 


I literally don’t understand being that rich and still using Twitter as much as he does. I also don’t understand how someone can be so shitty and terrible about so many things. If I ever become rich I’m bouncing from all social media. I’ll still use the internet but like the weird internet. There probably is some rich folks part of the web too. 12ofps GIFS and Flash is still supported.

Trailers & Videos You May Have Missed

I’m into low poly visuals becoming more and more popular. We have had enough pixel art games, we need some blocky polygons now.

I’m always happy when I see that this game is still around and still being updated. I doubt I’ll ever play it again, but I like to know that my level 9 hero is still hanging out in Gotham, waiting for me to return.

Look, I get that folks love Yoshi and Toad. I get it. And I’m happy they got games. But you know who needs their own game? Kamek. Make it an open world RPG, let him learn new powers and make Mario the bad guy. I’d play that.

Talk about style. I had no idea this game existed and now I want to play the hell out of it. That music alone has me excited.


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