Google Bringing Games To YouTube?

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Google applied for a patent earlier this year called "Web-Based System for Generation of Interactive Games Based on Digital Videos". Translation: bringing games to YouTube. Interesting.


The application was filed in February, but only published this month. While it's heavy on fluff, the gist of the patent is that Google would like to be able to alter existing YouTube videos in order to create "interactive games" within the service.

There are many possibilities as to what this would leave us with; we could get custom vids created with games in mind, we could get "choose your own adventure" deals, we could get something...else that I just can't wrap my head around at this moment.


Google Might Get Into Hosted Gaming Via YouTube [bnet, via Slashdot]

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There are already several quiz-type games, or interactive adventures using YouTube's "bubbles" (don't know the technical term for that) linking each step to the next n possible steps.

I can imagine that with sufficient investment, this could lead to quality adventure games, or possibly other types of entertainment.

My only hope is that it doesn't end up looking like this:

Plumbers Don't Wear Ties (reviewed by the Angry Video Game Nerd):