Goodbye Winter Food! It's Been...Delicious

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It really feels like spring here in Osaka—finally! Flowers starting to bud, bees buzzing, and birds chirping. But that also means, no more winter food.


Many dishes in Japan are seasonal. I grew up in Texas, and yes, we ate seasonal food (I think). Japanese food is even more seasonal than what I had as a kid. For example, you can't get certain things at the supermarket throughout the year—such as ikanago (I love ikanago!). Well, at least where I live.

From what I remember in Texas, you could get whatever you wanted...whenever!

Above, you can see chopped vegetables, which, of course, are available year round. However, they were about to be cooked in a hotpot called "nabe". This particular nabe was miso nabe. It was delicious!


And since it's a hotpot, people usually eat it in winter. So we made nabe at home this week one last time before spring officially starts.

Trying to think of some seasonal dishes I ate in the States that weren't connected to holidays. If you know any, hit up the comments.

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Greg the Mad

What are those white cubic things? They look like Coconut-Pudding. I love Coconut-Pudding!

... but they aren't ... but now I can't get Coconut-Pudding out of my mind ... I need to get me some ... but I can't! I don't know where I can get some!

DAMN YOU BRIAN and your ... what are they?!