Goodbye QuakeCon, Hello Game Con

To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Earphone Recommendations, plze Personally, I love my V-Moda plugs, great sound, great sound-dampening. Perfect for flights. QuakeCon 08 wraps up this weekend. Not a ton of news coming out of the event, though it looked like it will shape up to be a pretty good time for all involved. Then we get a two week's rest before things get all Convention Crazy again. On Aug. 17 or so team Kotaku is shipping out to cover what is quickly becoming my favorite gaming convention in the world: Games Convention. Then later that week I'm hitting the road with Tristan and Trish to drive up to Seattle to cover Penny Arcade Expo. I still need to figure out the logistics, but I think I'm going to invite Cross-Country Supertrip stragglers to tag along in their own vehicles if they'd like to. Who knows maybe next year we can make it a bigger thing. Crazy month ahoy! What you missed: Ratchet & Clank's Quest For Booty Dated All Things QuakeCon 08 Blizzard Plans Achievements Across All Games More Xbox 360 Price Cuts Coming Next Month? E308 Michael Fahey's Snoring Scares Intern, Singing Karaoke Hilarious! SoulCalibur IV Review: Polishing The Stage Of History Crossing Streams With Ghostbusters The Video Game


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V-moda Vibes give some amazing sound, but I've gone through about 4 pairs of them now and I've never had them last longer than a year. They always break at the exact same place (where the wire goes into the metal plug piece) and I know other people who have had the same problem. Customer support at v-moda have been nothing but amazing though.