Goodbye, Brash Entertainment

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According to Variety, Brash Entertainment are no more. The young company - who were only launched in 2007 - had recently laid off a bunch of employees and cancelled a few projects, but were promising the world that they'd not be going under. Shows how good business promises are these days! The Variety reports says that, ever since company co-founder Thomas Tull jumped ship, the investors propping the company up with cash money have bailed as well, leaving them money. If this checks out, we won't really miss them as a company, since the only thing they ever did was release a few crappy games and talk a lot of talk, but it always sucks to hear of devs and staff losing their jobs en masse. Brash officially shutting down [Variety]


Loosing your job sucks. Minimizing the timeframe that your resume lists you having worked at a crappy company is good.

So, sucks for the employees, but is good for them to. Sorry, and grats?

I guess this means the Saw game is in jeopardy? Oh no.. what ever shall we do?