Good Pokémon GO Joke, Square Enix Montreal

Here’s a cheeky tweet from the makers of Lara Croft GO, a very good mobile game and successor to Hitman GO. Those games both come from Square Enix Montreal and now share a suffix with the upcoming and completely unrelated mobile game Pokémon GO from Niantic, The Pokémon Company and Nintendo.

The Square folks don’t seem upset, not too upset to make the cute what-if image you can see above.

Earlier, I had some fun with that, too, tweeting:


My joke about future Nintendo games adopting suffixes from Square Enix games got some clever responses/suggestions from folks on Twitter, including:

I guess there’s a chance for slight brand confusion between the games, but I don’t see any of them changing their names. And Square Enix Montreal seems cool with it. They replied to that tweet I made with this: “It’s all good. Don’t worry!

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Well yeah... but “GO” is quite the common word when it comes to mobile. It is almost too obvious actually, borderline lazy if you ask me. I wonder how many other mobile games are titled like that.