Good News! $100 Need for Speed Car On Sale for Just $75!

Need for Speed World introduced its first "premium elite" car and, yeah, based on the sticker price, we'd say it qualifies. The Koenigsegg CCX Elite Edition is on sale in the in-game store for $100. But wait! If you act now, you can get this car for only $75! They'll even throw in a passenger-side floormat (I think.)

EA announced the item's availability on Wednesday; Need for Speed World is the free-to-play PC racer that launched last year but, as you can surmise, that doesn't mean everything is free. EA's gotta make its money back somehow, and it looks like selling vanity items to whales is one way to do it.


It's possible, of course, to play that game without the Koenigsegg CCX Elite Edition, but I'm not sure what the standard rides are. The game is set in Rockport from Need for Speed: Most Wanted (which was, in fairness, a great entry in this series) and the Palmont city streets from Need for Speed: Carbon.

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