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I have some fond memories of my Game Gear. I loved that giant hunk of sexy black plastic so much that I forgave its terrible battery life and the other aspects that led to its financial failure.


The game I played most was Mortal Kombat, which I was so excited to finally own in some capacity (I didn't have either a Super Nintendo or a Genesis, so I'd never had Mortal Kombat at home.)

My memory of the game has always been fairly rose-tinted. So when I fired up the video above, I was unprepared for just how truly rough it actually was. Particularly, the audio. Good god, the thing sounds like a joke version of "bad video game music." The punches sound on par with those one-off portable LCD games you could buy at the toy store in the airport for $5.99.


It's so piddly and terrible. I almost feel as though I am obligated to pick up Mortal Kombat for the Vita in May, just so I can finally play a version of the game commensurate with the version that exists in my memory.

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