Good Games That'll Work on Your Relatives' Crappy PC

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Visiting family for the holidays? You know what an antisocial faux-pas it is to bring along a console, and if you're a PC gamer, hell if you're dragging along that rig.


Yet when you get to your destination, either in your parents' basement or your uncle's old room at your grandparents, inevitably there's some underpowered relic PC that still manages to work. Rather than suffer with Minesweeper or Solitaire when you can't sleep on Christmas Eve, GiantRealm put together a handy list of six good PC titles that will work on most any machine still in service today. Some of these are available via digital distribution channels. Others, you might have to do a little advance planning and snake a copy from an Amazon or reseller.

Six Titles That'll Work on Nearly Any Machine [GiantRealm]

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I got this laptop last year and it can not run Deus Ex at a playable frame rate, even with all the crap turned down. It can't run Audiosurf. It can't run anything acceptably off Steam apart from Half-Life.