Good Digital Hair Is Not Easy

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There's a reason why we get so many bald space marines or dudes in skull caps: Hair. Digital hair ain't easy. It's tricky to pull off realistic looking digi-locks.


Why? As NewScientist points out, it's difficult to recreate how follicles flow from the roots and interact with each other to give human hairdos their shape. But! Fret not, new tech is making better digital 'dos possible. Who knows, one day we'll say goodbye to bad (in-game) hair days for good!

Check out the video clip below for more.

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Digital Hair is... Hairy [Giant Bomb]

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Um...could it be simply that a lot of guys who play these games have hair like that...? Lump Beefbroth who is working his 9-5 at Wal-Mart doesn't want to come home and play an FPS with a guy with flowing man-locks.....I'm guessing.

Everytime I'm back in the states, it seems as if most 18-35 men have the marine buzz cut look going on.

That, or the super wet look, with half a bottle of LA Hair Gel on top of their head...