Golf Club Wasteland Is A Post-Apocalyptic Golf Platformer

Earth is now just a golf club for space billionaires.

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If you’re like me and hate golf but love golf video games, then Golf Club Wasteland might be worth a look when it releases in a couple of months.


Set in a future where all human life on Earth has been wiped out, the planet is now one big golf course for the surviving rich, and you play one guy, Charley, who is taking a run at the “course” with his club, hazmat suit and jetpack.

It’s a 2D golf game in the style of Desert Golf/Golf on Mars, and the ultimate goal of each level is to get the ball in the hole, but stages will be full of platforming puzzles as well, as you have to whack doors and power buttons to progress.

There’s also a story, with each stage serving as an arc in a narrative that explores the downfall of man, the game’s story mode designed for the “casual player looking for a scenic round of golf and to absorb the story of this dead Earth.

In addition to the story mode, which will just let you whack the ball around and enjoy the sights, there are two further difficulty options presenting more golf-like challenges.

Golf Club Wasteland is coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch in August.


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Lurch of the SoCal

I remember my dad always wanting/having those “impossible golf course” calendars where someone would photoedit in some golf green/bunker/whatever on top of a skyscraper or on the rim of a volcano or what have you.

This sounds a lot like those getting made into a game by someone who really likes apocalypse games.

Should be fun.