The 13 year wait is over. New York rap producer Alex Kresovich has merged the music of 1997 Nintendo 64 James Bond classic GoldenEye 007 with big-time rappers' rap lyrics.

"I've been working on a mashup mixtape since January using all the music from ‘Goldeneye' for Nintendo 64 to make a free project that (hopefully) will resonate with my generation," Kresovich told Kotaku in an e-mail today.


"The project is a mixtape called ‘Alex Kresovich in… Gold N' Fly: 007' and was inspired by Team Teamwork who has done two rap/video game mashups. Same formula: I took all the beats I made and threw famous rapper acapellas on them. The entire project uses 21 different segments of game music to create songs (22 tracks total including an intro)."

Here are two singles:

T.I.'s Ride With Me mixed with a GoldenEye tune.

Tech N9ne's Everybody Move with some GoldenEye

If you want to listen to the full mixtape, which also mashed the Bond game with songs from Nas, Rick Ross, Eminem and Jay-Z head over to the official Gold N Fly site.

I loved GoldenEye and I like rap, so I should be into this. Let's give it a listen, shall we?

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