CD Projekt's DRM-free classic PC game service ditches class in favor of crass with the addition of Running With Scissors infamous Postal series.

The folks at GOG have been quite busy since we last checked in with them, adding new games to the service left and right. The past month's additions include Earth 2150, Septerra Core, and several older Ubisoft titles. Now those more respectable offerings cower off to the side, hiding in the corner as Postal and Postal 2 make the scene. Postal Classic and Uncut is now available on the site for $5.99, with a downloadable manual, wallpapers, and avatars available as additional bonus content. Postal 2 and all of its expansions will be made available in the coming weeks. CD Projekt was so excited about the deal they even let Running With Scissors CEO Vince Desi speak.

"The folks at know Kielbasa from Sausage and I love 'em both, so when I got their call I was like ‘let's do it'."


See, CD Projekt is a Polish company, and kielbasa is traditional Polish know what? Nevermind.

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