Godzilla vs. Kong Delayed In Japan Due To Covid-19

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Screenshot: Warners Bros.
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Originally slated for release on May 14, the Japanese release of Godzilla vs. Kong has been delayed due to the state of covid-19 in the country.


As Eiga.com reports, the new release date has yet to be decided, but once it is, the new schedule will be announced on Toho’s official site.

Currently, four prefectures in Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, and Tokyo), among the most populated areas in the country, all entered a state of emergency starting April 25 due to the regions’ record-breaking covid-19 infections.

The state of emergency is slated to end on May 11.

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You're not missing much Japan, that movie was dumb as dog shit and terribly written. You get to follow Kong around while he goes underground to find a USB port to charge his cellphone while a bunch of humans who are completely superfluous to the plot fly around and narrate what he's doing the whole time. Super fun.