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EA's The Godfather II sold only 241,000 copies in the U.S. — disappointing for a name title. No wonder EA Games label president Frank Gibeau is ready to wash his hands of the franchise.


"We're not going to do another one," Gibeau, adding that no Godfather games are in the company's production schedule, which falls under the next three years.

Paramount, the Hollywood company that produced the film, didn't seem to be aware of these plans. "Plans for the next Godfather game have not been decided," a Paramount rep stated. And when EA was asked to clarify Gibeau's statement, this was offered from a company spokesperson: "We do not currently have a Godfather game in development. Nothing has been decided as to future sequels. Paramount is a great partner."


EA seems to have become less interested in game adaptations, previously dumping licenses like James Bond and The Lord of the Rings. Whether this quote from Gibeau was merely a gaff or a fact, it's not yet know. What is known is that while we're not sure if we want to play The Godfather III, we're definitely not interesting in watching The Godfather III.

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