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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Godfather II to Sell Downloadable Weapons, Character, Maps

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Electronic Arts plans to start selling downloadable packs featuring new weapons, maps and a character for Godfather II two weeks after the game releases.

The upgrade packs will go on sell on April 23 on the Playstation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace and will sell for $4 to $10.

The Pentangeli Map Pack ( $6.75 / 540 points): Download for the all-new Cuba multiplayer map and the Junkyard multiplayer map.


Level 4 Weapons Bundle ($4.00 / 320 points): Download this collection to receive the Modern Dillinger, the .700 Magnum Impact, the Herzstopper, the MG-S1 Sniper Wolfe, and the Street Sweeper.

Jack of All Trades ($4.00 / 320 points): Download Jimmy Lira – the Jack of All Trades to have this character in your family. Jimmy Lira starts out with the arsonist, engineer, medic, and safecracker specialties and comes equipped with a level 2 machine gun – the MP38.


The Corleone Bundle (All of the above) ($10.00 / 800 points): Download the multiplayer map pack, the level 4 Weapons Bundle, and the Jack of All Trades (Jimmy Lira) crew member.

So on launch day you can download a free multiplayer mode for the game, and now EA is planning on selling weapons, maps and a character? Sounds like they're experimenting with DLC. Thoughts?


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