EA Adds Don Control Multiplayer To The Godfather II

Build a family and command them real-time strategy style in Don Control, the newly announced free multiplayer mode for EA's The Godfather II.

Available for download upon the game's release on April 7th, Don Control allows players to challenge each other to 16-player battles, with their single player money on the line. One player on each side takes on the role of the Don, recruiting players to their side for a cut of the profits. The Don controls the action from a bird's eye view, commanding their troops about the map much like in S2's PC real-time strategy action game Savage. If your Don wins, you split your winnings with your family. If you lose, the money you wagered is gone from your single player stash forever.


It sounds like a rather novel take on console multiplayer, and free is always good. One cannot help but wonder why the mode didn't make it into the retail release, but I've learned never to look a severed gift horse's head in the mouth.

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