Goddess Of War

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Halloween's around the corner, and makeup artist Alisha Baijounas correctly notes that video games make great costume inspirations. She's advising the ladies to try this look inspired by God of War.

"I can guarantee you won't show up to that huge Halloween party dressed in the same sexy cop outfit four other girls are wearing," writes Baijounas, who writes the Slapping Faces & Pulling Hair makeup and style blog. For this she whipped up this face chart - analogous to the sketch before you get tattooed - with specific instructions on how to perfect the look.

Reading the tips, it's clear this is a very feminine version of the look, so it's not much use if you're a guy looking to go as Kratos. Dudes may slap on makeup all the time for Halloween, but this calls for lots of mascara and black lipstick. Plus it all sounds really expensive. But it is striking; I'd chat up any woman made up this way. Plenty of gamers would. The question though, is that the kind of attention she's seeking?


Kratos-Femme: God of War [Slapping Faces & Pulling Hair, thanks Jesse S.]

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This is the kind of gaming based costume that'd get my attention on Halloween.

We can go bobbing for apples, or some other Halloween based innuendo that works better.