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Hey, You, There's A Rick And Morty Commercial For God Of War: Ragnarok

So by the Hicks Law, we can cross off even more names from the artistic rollcall

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
The old one from Rick and Morty, holding an axe from God Of War Ragnarok.
Screenshot: Adult Swim

Rick and Morty did a commercial for God of War: Ragnarok, aired on the television last night. Why? I don’t bloody know. Because everything, for the rest of time, is now to be composed entirely out of overlapping memes?

I understand that Rick and Morty is very popular indeed. It’s sixth season has just launched on Adult Swim, and there was that thing with some sauce at McDonald’s, and then there are all those insufferable people who quote it on Twitch or something. Look, I tried the first episode twice, and didn’t get through it either time. I’m the baddie. You’re right and I’m wrong. But since everyone else at Kotaku is off celebrating whatever Labor Day is, I’m left as the only one to paste this YouTube link in for you.

Adult Swim

See how the power dynamic in Rick and Morty is similar to the father/son relationship in God of War? But wouldn’t you know, Rick, or Morty, whichever is the old one, isn’t looking after the shorter one at all well. From thence the humor arises.


I’m sort of sorry. I bet Zack is a big fan. He’ll probably be furious with me for my philistine ways and lack of appreciation for this modern masterpiece. I dunno. But I find that after watching the above commercial, I’m looking forward to Ragnarok approximately 3.8 percent less.

But, you know, what says “high art” more than selling out for whatever company is willing to pay for the moving drawings and the man saying the accompanying words? They did the same for Death Stranding, and I imagine they’ll do the same for whoever puts down two bulging dollar-sign-marked sacks on their desk next.


And heck, R&M co-creator Justin Roiland is making his own game too, the absolutely dreadful-looking High On Life, which as far as I can tell stars Rick and Morty as two irritating guns.

There. I reported the news that there’s a Rick and Morty advert for God Of War: Ragnarok. It’s done. The task is complete. And my YouTube algorithm is going to serve me clips of this sodding show for weeks. Now please leave angry comments.