New God Of War Confirmed, Moves To Norse Mythology

Despite news of the game leaking out a little while ago, Sony today made it official that a new God of War is coming, and sees Kratos head to the frosty north to take on the great Norse Gods.

Rather theatrically, the news was first announced via a big orchestra—conducted by BattleStar Galactica composer Bear McReary—playing some of its score.


Here’s the trailer:

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I ask, without malice towards Kratos or his fans, but couldn’t this game have gotten a new goddamned hero? Before you snipe, I saw that it’s his grandkid or w/e, but that’s just Kratos Jr by any other name. I’m really tired of Kratos; just retire him and his reskins and give us a new hero, maybe a Norseman, maybe a Norsewoman?

I would shit a brick in glee if I got to play a Valkyrie-esque Norsewoman God of War game.